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Mission San Luis de Talimali

Here are a few photos from a recent visit to Mission San Luis de Apalachee, also known as Mission San Luis de Talimali, is located in Tallahassee, Florida.  I visited to research the mixed Spanish, colono ware, and native pottery and massive bead collections they have at the site. Even though the Church, Townhouse and "Chief's" house are all closed for an indefinite time for renovation, the site has much to offer.  According to Kathleen Deagan's Artifacts of the Spanish Colonies of Florida and the Caribbean, 1500-1800, Vol. 1, The site is "The best-documented source for late seventeenth century beads" (p. 171).  The photos I tried to take through the glass display cabinets didn't come out very well, but I did get photos of some of the reproduction items on display in the houses and friary. 

According to the staff, all of the reproduction eating ware, pottery and glass items on display are based on the archaeological evidence gathered on the site.

I hope to be able to return on a day when the staff (and visitor load) might let me take better photos of items in the display cases.  I will definitely make it for one of their interpreter weekends, which are held the third weekend of each month.


Sam and Jacob modeling the cooking stove in the friary and two native pots.  A pot similar to the one on the right is pictured below.

18" wide, 4 or 5" deep "skillet" for lack of a better term.

A simple place setting in the friary.  The spoon is cast from pewter, the plate was made by the craftsperson at the site.

A display of several different serving and food preparation pieces.

View of the excellent job done with the Palmetto thatching on the friary, with the church in the background.


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